BeCe™ – Contact Buttons

An exciting technology for making high performance electrical connection for a wide range of applications.

Our Technology

BeCe, a Patented high-performace electrical contact, it’s low profile, high bandwidth with low inductance properties makes it an ideal contacting solution for High-speed digital and analog devices testing, and its performance is extendable.

BeCe™ Buttons with Micro-Wipe action provides excellent contact by breaking through oxide layers without visible marks and damage to the Solder balls.

Continuously evolving , BeCe™ with ultra fine wires is currently being developed to achieve lower contact force which is critical to wafer level testing.

Lists of Patents

  • US 7,040,902
  • US 7,029,288
  • US10,985,488B1
  • CN211406442U
  • CN1 0046 8869C
  • CN113207217A, Patent Pending